Satan, Inyat Khan, & Free Improvisation

Outside and away from Abrahamic theology, the character Satan personifies Wisdom through Adversity. This is part of the philosophy found in western left hand path traditions. Luciferianism is the obliteration of light and dark (dualism) and the realization that Darkness is the womb that enables Light. When you find these principles in music then you have found Satanic & Luciferian music. At least in my opinion you have.

That said, I find improvised musics to be way more Satanic and Luciferian than anything else as they provide the above requirements, as well as freedom of individual expression. These expressions and freedoms are rarely, if ever, found in the various Metal genres that have become associated with the western left hand path, particularly Satanism. One cannot wear makeup, dress in black, hang diabolical jewlery around your neck and tune as low as your instrument allows and claim your music is Satanic. That is pageantry, almost herd-mentality, which is the antithesis of the western left hand path. Though there are a few legitimate artists and bands that are Satanists or belong to satanic organizations. Doesn’t necessarily mean their music is satanic however, at least not in the way I am referring to it as. Listening to a master improvisor, you hear Virtuosity (mastery of craft) combined with true Creation (mastery of self).

Some of you may find my interest in Sufi Mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan surprising, yet I find endless depth in his teachings as they are easily understood in a Luciferian context. Obviously I don’t resonate with everything he talks about but I do find his understanding of Art to be useful in realizing our Dæmon, what separation from the OU is about, and that we each are a god in the making.

“Why is music called the divine art, while all other arts are not so called? We may certainly see God in all arts and in all sciences, but in music alone we see God free from all forms and thoughts. In every other art there is idolatry. Every thought, every word has its form. Sound alone is free from form. Every word of poetry forms a picture in our mind. Sound alone does not make any object appear before us.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

The designing of already known ideas is what I would call “craft”, not Art. Like I stated, Art is the creation of something that would not be here if not for the Creator of the Art. e.g. beautiful paintings of nature are aesthetically wonderful, but I see it as a Craft not an Art, thoughtful poetry can describe surroundings in an exquisite manner, but it is also Craft, even the masterful Classical violinist pouring out a Paganini Caprice is Craft. True Art opens the unconsciousness and enables something to be felt or understood that never existed before . . . it is beyond the limitations of the objective universe, it is the gift from our Dæmon to us that Lights the Path to Our Highest Perfect Mercurius Self!

The goal of Free Jazz is to allow greater freedom of expression through completely free improvisation. Each artist, naturally, expresses him or herself differently, and this is precisely why Free Jazz is a notoriously difficult genre to define. It’s not about any one particular characteristic or technique. Instead you can only define Free Jazz in the negative:

Free Jazz is the systematic rejection of musical norms and established rules in favour of personal expression. The whole trend of Modern Jazz is towards greater freedom in improvisation. The way this was done was by reducing the importance of chords. This is because chords restrict your improvisation by forcing you to work within a given harmonic framework or chord progression. By reducing the importance of chords, you free up your ability to improvise.

What you do is not what you do
What is yours is not yours


Stop, look and listen deep enough for yourself as pure Spirit, and access the no self, true, infinite, original, spontaneous awareness, the true kingdom within! Only the child’s viewing of the universe shows up as infinite levels of perceived psychological, psychical, causal, mental, cosmic, trans-cosmic, ultramicro-cosmic or spiritual, transcendent isness. For the strong in celestial or angelic imagination and creative realization, they can communicate or transmit the presence of anything or any being by the creative fire of unconscious or super-conscious mind alone, with or without the history of music, art or any manifestable or unknown prop, crutch, method, device, medium, channel or form.

What moves the wind is etheric water. What moves the water is silent fire. What moves fire is radiant space and whatever the sacred fire of space burns and illuminates in and as itself. The entire known and unknown universe is both the fuel for and presence of the fire, and by this fire the universe appears, lives, disappears and reappears to the deep death of incomprehensible infinity. So it is with genuine creativity and thus it must be with music and all other forms of expression. This fire is sound no ear can hear and is hearing no mind can comprehend. Hence, the no-form of phenomena, be that of light or sound, is beyond the initiated awakened Spirit in any being in high or low disincarnate, animal, human, celestial, intergalactic, trans-universal or transcendent form.

Death, time, nature and music are perception-creations of the human mind, the self-mind. The self-mind is not the Spirit-mind; only the karmic or self-mind ego is then the source and master of conventional, popular or merely conventionally worshiped and agreed upon “good” music. Since ordinary music is recognized relative to form, structure, composition in and of lower world time-space programs, then music, relative to the time-born karmic mind, is fundamentally gravitational or down-pulling in nature, and thus self-comfortingly binding as a result.

The universe is an effect, an effect mind-form, a most special binding, and too often blinding, effect. It is a dynamic prison, a circus of destruction, a negative psychic dungeon of disaster if you will, apparently bound by laws, interlaws and intralaws as interdimensionally perceived and agreed to and applied to all worlds and universes ad infinitum.

Genius can and will use anything and anyone as wood for its fire and more often than not, uses everything to express itself as its own school, its own way, its own truth, its own reality, its own depth, its own force, its own spirit and its own God or Isness or Itness!

Know your message. Know your purpose. True art is no art. True music is no music. True view is no view.
Who understands this great death?

from John Zorn ‘ARCANA V’

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