Amduscias: Demon of Musick

The Destroyer Variations: Ambuscias, Amducious, Amdukias, Amduscas, Amduscias, Amdusias, Amukias, SAMIL, YOMAEL.

Great Duke and Musical Director of Hell and considered to be the most musically talented of the inhabitants of Hell. . Originally one of the 72 spirits summoned by King Solomon. He commands twenty-nine legions, ten chiefs, and 100 servitors. When summoned he will appear as that of a Unicorn. When appeased by the sorcerer he will assume the guise of a tall, dark skinned man with long black hair, long fingers, rough hands, and he becomes extremely physically strong and will cause Trumpets, and all manner of Musical Instruments to be heard.

Amduscias can be summoned to cause trees to go barren, or be uprooted. He gives the sorcerer good familiars, will assist on secret journeys. He giveth inspiration to the musician, and will perform for him by playing his trumpet.

He is a nocturnal spirit and most powerful during the sixth hour of the night. He has sworn allegiance to Samyaza, one of the Watchers in the Book of Enoch and one of the primary idols worshiped in the Kaaba in pre-Islamic Arabia. Amduscias is a true Lord of the Left Hand Path.

As a powerful Duke Amduscias he may bring one close to the spirits of nature. He guides in dreams the sorcerer to the great forests, from which the trees are flowing in beauty and ancient wisdom. His seal is to born as a lamen.

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