The Nine Angles of Musiq

The Nine Angles of Musiq is a template for creating uninhibited music and sound that majiqally derives from one’s personal Muse. It is similar to experiencing communication with one’s Holy Guardian Angel (HGA), the Roman Genius, a.k.a. one’s personal Dæmon. The article that follows is a discourse regarding the possibility of creating a majiqal connection between the Greek Nine Mousai and the Nine Angles found in the writings of Anton LeVay, and Dr. Michael A. Aquino.

The word Music comes from the Old French word ‘musique’ which is from the Latin ‘musica’ which in turn comes from the Greek ‘mousike techne’ the (art of the Muses) and from ‘mousa’ meaning “muse”. It is a universal language that we can all experience in some form or another. Music has been expressed as a “quality organized in sound” (Robert Fripp), objectively it is a “science of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity” (Merriam Webster). As such music becomes an artform and a form of Majiq where something created in one’s subjective universe is made manifest into the objective universe.

The word ‘Muse’ comes from the Latin ‘Musa’ which is from the Greek ‘Mousa’ and ultimately derived from the Proto-Indo-European root ‘Men’ meaning ‘put in mind’ or ‘have in mind’. The Muse in Greek mythology is literally a ‘musician’, one who manifests the Muse. The Nine Muses were Goddesses of the Arts and provided artists with the inspiration to create. They were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, their names were: Calliope (epic poetry), Clio (history), Erato (love poetry, lyric art), Euterpe (music, especially flute), Melpomene (tragedy), Polyhymnia (hymns), Terpsichore (dance), Thalia (comedy), Urania (astronomy).

Music begins its life in a soup of chaos, each note awaiting its birth into some form of ordered existence and harmony. Its composition to be discovered. The Muse enables the Creative Imagination within the Artist (i.e. Musician) to manifest into objective reality. In pre-Islamic lore teh fallen angel Azazel is considered the Imagination. Sufis recognize Iblis to be the Imagination itself. Ibn Arabi explains that Iblis is the imagination which would not prostrate itself to the intellect. Iblis has a special link to the Absolute and is the Platonic First Form Ideal that becomes a model for the separation of “I” from “Consciousness” independent of the Absolute. Those who worship Iblis are called the “separated ones” those who thrive in a state separate from Allah, Iblis becomes a guardian of the inner chamber of divinity where there is a Black Light, the realm beyond all duality.

Creativity is unpredictable and almost always comes when least expected. Creative people learn to recognize these inspirations and not simply thoughts. There’s a rush of excitement and a definitive clarity of thought, the information usually comes rapidly and in whole. You are left with the realization that the next step is ultimately to give voice to this Musiqal Gnosis.


Angle One: Chaos and Disorder. The Primeval Soup of Sound. Music existing in its original natural state of perfect unity where there is nothing else. A locus being there are no extensions in any one direction, it exists but doesn’t exist, it is dimensionless, a paradox. The sounds and rhythms of the natural world being experienced. This is the Muse existing to Become.

Angle Two: Duality. The transformation from unity to symmetry and polarity. Yet, there does not exist preference or judgment, there only exists one and the other as a single extension of itself. This is the internal attraction of the Muse to the Fanatic. Something resonates deeply within expressing itself as pure joy. The First Angle is unknown to the Fanatic it is simply felt.

Angle Three: The Voice. The Fanatic realizes there is a choice between two things. It is perspective and the independent psyche of judgment. Knowledge of music becomes possible through a voice. The Third Angle creates a triangle and a two-dimensional plane. The Fanatic chooses an instrument for the Muse to manifest into objective reality. The Fanatic has chosen to become an Adherent and desires to produce music. The first two realms are assembled.

Angle Four: Gnosis. An awakening occurs. The psyche is stirred by the Muse. Space, the third dimension has unveiled itself. The Adherent begins to gain knowledge of music and of hir instrument. The Adherent is now grasping at the Muse, discovering sounds and techniques that resonate. There is a contact with ‘something other’ than the adherent’s own mind. Now the Adherent is driven to understand more and how to touch this Muse more frequently. Through this power of gnosis the adherent begins hir steps towards becoming a Creative Individual.

Angle Five: The Musician. The Pentagram has been created, through practice and study the Adherent’s skills and knowledge develop. The level(s) of talent make themself known. Abilities are evolved and the Adherent now becomes a Musician striving for competency and knowing that there is something which exists outside the musician of which can be tapped into. The Musician is producing the music of hir desire, and has set on their Musiqal Quest.

Angle Six: Stasis. The Hexagon which corrupts the Pentagram. The Sixth Angle is one of destruction and non-creativity. The Musician has up to this point only ‘produced’ the desired music, not ‘created’ it. Emulation teams up with herd-mentality. Although the Musician is playing music, it lacks a Soul and is not expressing the psyche. Rather it expresses a world-view of what music ‘should be’. “The Sixth Angle is where the vast majority of Musicians halt their Initiation. They cannot see beyond the balance of the Hexagram and therefore get lost in a world of trite, meaningless music, or pseudo-intellectual music” (Black Muse Temple of Set). Here exists the Qabalastic and Thelemic Abyss which divides the World of Man from the World of Gods. When one crosses this there is no return, if one succumbs to the Abyss there is nothing new or original that the Musician will have to offer.

Angle Seven: Crossing the Abyss. “Proponents of six-isms instinctively fear seven: They warn about such things as the seventh son of a seventh son, of the Seven Towers of Satan in Yezidi legend, of the Seventh Seal, of the Jewel of the Seven Stars.” (Dr. Michael A. Aquino Temple of Set). Crossing the Abyss and not succumbing to it, the Musician enters a realms where they are one with the Muse. The Musician now desires to use hir instrument as a vehicle for expressing hir artistic emotions on a Musiqal Platform. It is time to master one’s instrument. Further gnosis is achieved in knowing Musiqal Illumination comes not from the instrument, rather from the Mind of Musician through hir instrument.

Angle Eight: The Magus. On the way to becoming Masters of One’s Realm. Rebuilding the World to accommodate the Musician Becoming Master. Angle Six corrupted and Angle Seven Shattered the old world. The Octave is achieved, the Musician is aware of hir unique, isolate, individuality capable of Creation and knows this manifests through hir and not from hir. The Magus realizes that this Musiq already exists and they are only a voice for it to be manifest into objective reality. Power and Confidence become new tools. Fearlessly experimenting and growing with each success anf failure towards becoming One’s own God of Musiq.

Angle Nine: The Overlord. The seed sprouted into the tree bearing its own seeds. The dynamic of perfection. Nietzsche’s “Will to Power” and the Glory of Desire, the extension of an Illuminated Will and Initiated Psyche throughout all dimensions of Time, Space, and Thought. The Alpha and the Omega. The Musician Creates and makes Manifest his Imagination (Iblis). Freedom. Music is Created in Harmony with One’s Muse. You are in a Flow that is impossible to describe. The Overlord creates Musiq for those who cannot. The Musiq of the Overlord exists in an inexhaustible pool of Creative Fire (the Black Flame) producing unique works of art that reflect that subjective universe of which was created by that Overlord.

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