Acoustic Sigils

What are Sigils?
Most people who at least dabble in the occult know what a sigil is. For those who do not, a sigil is usually made of a monogram or motif designed by conglomerating two or more letters to form one concise symbol of desire or will. The idea in its modern form came into popularity during the 1980’s through the efforts of our Chaos Magickians and was developed by Austin Osman Spare. However, sigilism (Latin sigillum, meaning “seal) has been a part of the Occult, Spirituality, and Religions in the form of ceremonial magick for centuries. The sigil is created by various processes and the Magi activates it by achieving a trance which enables the conscious mind to shut down briefly.

The way it works is that upon activating the sigil a restructuring of one’s neural pathways is established and this in turn creates a reinterpretation of reality. The process is designed to embed a willful desire into the unconscious mind and forgetting it. By not recalling the desire the defense mechanisms of our mind are relaxed allowing the unconscious mind to absorb the Desire. Here the Sigil acts as a seed and new codes are built around this Symbol within the unconscious mind. Our new codes include the idea hidden in our Sigil.

Typically, an entity’s name is aligned visually with its symbol / seal / sigil which almost always contain angular devices within larger geometry such as triangles and circles. These larger geometrical shapes serve as amplifiers for these energies.

Sonic Black Magick
Sigilism is not necessarily limited to visually embedding a willful desire into the unconscious mind, there is a way to accomplish this auditorily. Mantra and Prayer are ways in which to do this if the words are infused with extreme emotion and intent. Words of Power need to hold subjective experiences in them and be drilled into the unconscious mind. However, there are musical formats and operations which I have found work extremely well. In designing your acoustic sigil the actual names and symbolic structures used are not of importance, rather creating the specific vibratory pattern is. This pattern excites and releases the energies of sound-geometry in the same way that Trapezoidal Magick works.

Creating an Acoustic Sigil involves the design of Binaural or Isochronic beats within the range of the alpha or theta brainwave frequencies. This can be done with the use of Quarter Tones. In western classical music, scales are comprised of whole and half steps. C to D is a whole step while C to C# (sharp) is a half step. Our chromatic scale is structured in twelve equal increments of whole and half steps. Music outside of tonality use of 24 or 48 notes, thus producing quarter tones between the half tones and these quarter tones played against one another create binaural beats. There are computer programs which enable us to do this, and I will elaborate on that later, fortunately there are instruments already at our disposal which will create binaural beats in the Alpha/Theta brainwave range.

Balinese Gamelan use tuned percussion instruments which divide the octave scale into ten and seven equal parts. This creates an abnormality in the natural occurring scale and produces binaural beats. Middle Eastern and Eastern Indian music use fretless or movable fretted instruments such as the sitar or setar to produce quarter tones. African music is extremely polyrhythmic playing 12/8 patterns against 4/4 patterns on drums tuned to natural sounds. When these polyrhythms are combined with the quarter tonality of the drum pitches they form an extremely potent fusion of sound capable of inducing deep trance.

The first operation will be to create the Words of Power from a statement of Willful Desire.

Statement of intent: “I summon forth the demon god of musiq Murmur”
Remove repeat letters: SMNFRTHDGQ
Add new vowels: SAMEN FIRTH DOGUQ
Just vowels: IUO OEO OO UI UU (ee ew oh oh ay oh oh ew ee ew)

This now forms a three word mantra which I usually pronounce using Sumerian inflections.
A as in ‘ah’
E as in ‘day’
I as in ‘seat’
O as in ‘oh’
U as in ‘eww’
The “Q” is pronounced as ‘K’ as in ‘duck’

So we have: “Sahmain Feerth Dohgoo cK”
The vowels can also be used as a ritual mantra as was used by the Greeks found in the infamous Greek Magical Papyrus. Elongating the vowel sounds adds to the effect.

Now we will create the Visual Sigil from these words
Choose a 7 note scale and mark it around the circle
I’ll choose the Hitzazkiar scale for its North African or Middle Eastern flavour
C C# E F G G# B
Draw a circle divided into seven equal parts and place the scale around it

Add the alphabet to it, this will be used to associate the letters of our Willful Desire with the seven note scale we have chosen.

Look for the correspondences between the alphabet and the notes of the scale.
Our mantra is ‘SAMEN FIRTH DOGUQ’ so the first sound is ‘Sa’ which corresponds to the note G in our scale. The next is ‘Men’ which is G#, and so forth. We end up with:
Sa Men Firth Do Guq which becomes G G# C# (I used the ‘i’ in Firth so not repeat another G#) F & B

Draw a line from letter to letter
The matrix created by the note/letter correspondences also produces a visual sigil.

Add some effects and you now have a sigil designed from a Statement of Willful Desire.

Before going into the next segment I want to briefly elaborate on this polyrhythm technique. A polyrhythm is a rhythm which makes use of two or more different rhythms simultaneously. Traditional ensemble music of the Javanese, Sundanese, and Balinese peoples of Indonesia, made up predominantly of percussive instruments create what is called a Gamelan. There are entire Gamelan Orchestras which apply several polyrhythms not just with percussion but with their melodic instruments as well. This is the basis behind the next section. To illustrate the operation better I recorded a simple two guitars, drone and drum track. One guitar repeats a pattern of 4 while the other repeats a pattern of 5 making a simple polyrhythm of 5 over 4 with a drone and a 4/4 drum beat underneath. Listen to how the melodies become kaleidoscopic as they interchange.

Now I’ll create the Musiqal Sigil from our Words of Power
Eliminate the vowels and we are left with SMNFIRTHDGQ
G B C C C Bb E Bb Eb E

SMN (GBC) I doubled so that it is a 6 note phrase 6/8
FRTHDGQ becomes our 7 note polyrhythm 7/8
So we have 6 over 7 with a bottom drone note of E and percussion in 4/4
I floated a mystical improvisation (Maqam) underneath it all to complete the feel. You can hear each part come in and then blend with each of the other parts.

An operation such as this will fixate the Desired Intent (e.g. to summon Murmur) within your unconscious mind. You will come to associate the Musiq created by this operation with the Desired Intent (Willful Desire). This Musiq can be used during the appropriate ritual setting, in this case the summoning forth of the Demon Murmur. When combined with traditional grimoire ritual a deeper mor fulfilling experience may be had.

Murmur Enn Chanting - YouTube

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