Murmur: Demon of Musick

Budha Son of Chandra
Goetia Demon Murmur | Demon, Demonology, Dark spirit

Also known as Murmus, Murmuur, or Murmux
Murmur means a soft, indistinct almost inaudible utterance. He is the 54th spirit of the Shemhamforasch and is a Great Duke and Earl commanding 30 Legions. Once an angel of the Order of Thrones, Murmur appears in the shape of a crowned warrior riding upon a Gryphon.

This Demon is heralded into the sorcerer’s chamber following his ministers, each sounding majestic trumpet blasts. Murmur’s office is to teach Absolute Philosophies, particularly that of Musick and the Arts. Murmur is a spiritual creature of Necromancy who may bring forth the shades of the dead who will reveal truths to the sorcerer. Upon the sorcerer’s request, Murmur will send forth infernal souls that encircle the sorcerer, strengthening Hir astral body and intoning whispers of insight and divination.

Murmur is best summoned during the black of night between the 13th – 22nd of September and will manifest from the West. Altar tools made from copper, colors of green, fresh parsley, and incenses of sandalwood and myrrh are to be used.

This is his Seal

File:54-Murmur seal.png - Wikimedia Commons

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